Our Services

Consciously Curated offers a truly unique combination of specialist consulting and business coaching services dedicated to conscious fashion brands.

All of our services are offered face-to-face or via a video conference application.


Our Power Hour and Coaching Series are designed to go head to head with your business’s biggest challenges to find industry-specific solutions – fast. Our qualified business coaches are trained in techniques to help you to clear through the brain fog and reconnect with your vision.


Our Business Strategy workshop aims to get under the skin of your operation and help you reconnect with your vision. We’ll zoom in on all areas of your business to prepare an outline strategy; identifying key opportunities for growth and creating an action plan to achieve your goals.


Our Brand Vision workshops are all about you. We’ll reconnect you with your vision and values to define or refine the core principles of your brand. We’ll look at what connects you with your consumers, creating a brand story that sets you apart from the competition.


Our Digital Transformation workshops are for those looking to dive head-first into digital. We’ll assess your current ways of working, map out your future capabilities and help to identify which technology solutions would be best for your business.