Digital Transformation

Whether you want to streamline your product development processes, improve supply chain visibility or get a better handle on inventory, there are plenty of retail technology solutions out there that will help you save money and time while becoming more agile in both operations and mindset.


Consciously Curated’s Digital Transformation Workshop focuses on process excellence and technology. We’ll assess your current ways of working, map out your future capabilities and help to identify which software solutions would be best for you.

Your Digital Transformation Workshop is hosted by one of our Transformation Artists – industry experts, each with over 10 years’ experience in business strategy and operations at some of the world’s leading fashion, beauty and retail businesses.

Using a unique combination of specialist knowledge and business coaching techniques, we’ll dive deep into all areas of of your business to create an outline strategy that identifies key opportunities for growth and a clear action plan for moving forward.


The Digital Transformation Workshop is a half or full day workshop and can be hosted in person or via a video conferencing application. Half day workshops are 3 hours long and full days are 6, each with short breaks scheduled as and when required.

For optimum productivity and results, we recommend the full day workshop split into two separate sessions, allowing for time to digest information and recap in between.

Prior to the session you will receive a short questionnaire containing questions about your business history, current situation and future ambition.

Business Audit – To identify what technologies will work for your business, we’ll need to gain a deep understanding of your business history, existing operating model and ambitions for growth. We’ll zoom into the granular details of your processes, highlighting areas where efficiencies can be made.

Technology Workshop – We’ll talk you through the various retail technologies out there, giving you an overview of who’s using them, how they work and what they deliver. We’ll provide a list of suggested solutions that would best help to enhance your company’s performance and talk you through them in detail.

Once complete, you will receive your Digital Transformation pack by email containing a highlight summary of your session along with any useful links/resources/contacts you may need.


Price: Half Day (3.5 hours) £500 / Full Day (7 hours) £750

To book your Digital Transformation workshop with Consciously Curated, please provide your contact details and availability in the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.