Business Strategy

When you’re starting a business you sometimes feel like you’re doing everything and nothing at the same time.

You’ve somehow invented 100 hour days and weekends no longer exist. You’re doing everything from finance and operations to sales, marketing and social media and you’re breaking a new world record for the number of Google tabs you have open at any given time.

You really want to grow your business but you just don’t have the time or money to invest in getting help – and scaling up alone is scary. Things start moving forward quickly and before you know it, you’re sprinting ahead with no idea where you’re actually going.

There comes a time in every company’s journey when you need to step back and formulate a plan. Having a defined strategy will help you set clear goals, measure performance, maximise talent and is critical for delivering business growth.


Consciously Curated’s Business Strategy workshops are designed to get under the skin of your operation and help you reconnect with your vision.

Your Business Strategy session is hosted by one of our Transformation Artists – industry experts, each with over 10 years’ experience in business strategy and operations at some of the world’s leading fashion, beauty and retail businesses.

Using a unique combination of specialist knowledge and business coaching techniques, we’ll dive deep into all areas of of your business to create an outline strategy that identifies key opportunities for growth and a clear action plan for moving forward.


The Business Strategy session is a half or full day workshop and can be hosted in person or via a video conferencing application. Half day workshops are 3 hours long and full days are 6, each with short breaks scheduled as and when required.

For optimum productivity and results, we recommend the full day workshop split into two separate sessions, allowing for time to digest information and recap in between.

Prior to the session you will receive a short questionnaire containing questions about your business history, current situation and future ambition.

Business Audit – To formulate a strategy that works for you, we’ll need to gain a deep understanding of your business history, existing operating model and ambitions for growth.

Brand Vision – Together we’ll define or refine the core principles of your brand, creating a philosophy, purpose and vision that sets you apart from your competitors.

Business Strategy- We’ll then be in a position to outline your overall business strategy, break it down into functional areas and identify key opportunities to grow.

Once complete, you will receive your Business Strategy outline by email containing a highlight summary of your session along with any useful links/resources/contacts you may need.


Price: Half Day (3.5 hours) £350 / Full Day (7 hours) £500

To book your Business Strategy workshop with Consciously Curated, please provide your contact details and availability in the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.